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Nilfisk hogedrukreiniger C 125.7-6 PCAD X-TRA blauw

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The C 125.7 models are suitable for users with light to moderate cleaning tasks. If you are in need of a compact and easy to use high pressure washer with a good cleaning performance then the C 125.7 is worth considering. It is super for tasks around the house and garden such as cleaning of cars, bicycles garden furniture and small to medium sized patios.nnYou can make good use of the C 125.7 X-TRA pressure washer. This machine has a max pressure of 125 bar enough to clean moderate to tough dirt.nThis machine has a number of functions that cover basic cleaning needs and convenient features like trolley, hose reel on X-TRA models, storage of nozzles, lance and spray handle on the machine.nn- Automatic start/ stop system along with aluminum pump makes it a reliable product.n- The compact design even with trolley, hose reel and low weight makes it convenient to move around.n- With Click&Clean connectivity a broad range of accessories ranging from nozzles, brushes, foam sprayers and patio cleaners can be attached.

Specificaties: Nilfisk hogedrukreiniger C 125.7-6 PCAD X-TRA blauw




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