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Siemens volledig geïntegreerde vaatwasser SN736X19ME

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Efficient, durable and quiet: the iQdrive motor.nLower energy consumption with identical performance, short programme times with optimum results and always nice and quiet whatever the programme – all that is not a problem for the iQdrive motor. And on top of all these advantages, it runs virtually free from wear.nnCan be loaded easily and flexibly: varioFlex baskets.nThe upper basket is equipped with up to three foldable, dividable levels and two flip tines, and the bottom basket with up to four flip tines. This gives you flexibility during loading. In addition, the handles on the two baskets make them easier to slide out.nnNot just for your cutlery, but also for your espresso cups: the varioDrawer.n The varioDrawer offers an additional loading level. Thanks to its special design it not only provides room for cutlery, but also for ladles, salad servers and even small items of crockery such as espresso cups. And as there is no longer a cutlery basket in the bottom basket, there is now space for a total of 14 standard place settings.nnMaximum versatility for installation: varioHinge.nThe varioHinge is the optimal solution for the smallest possible gaps between the front panels of kitchen units, low base dimensions and high countertop levels. With appliances featuring the varioHinge the fully integrated front panel moves up slightly when the machine is opened. This does away with large gaps when dishwashers are installed at a high level. You can also forget about collisions with the base and floor pan.nnLoading lots of dishes is easy:nThe basket is equipped with special devices at the top. If they are pressed, the height of the top basket can be easily adjusted in three stages. That makes loading and unloading simpler, particularly when dealing with large pots or plates.nnSpecialized in gentle cleaning: The Glass 40 °C cycle.nFine glassware requires special care in cleaning. Siemens’ new Glass 40 °C cycle is specifically designed to meet this need. It first cleans glasses carefully but thoroughly at low temperatures. This is followed by a drying phase which has been specially extended for extra-gentle drying. The results are impressive: gleaming glassware you’ll be able to enjoy for a much longer time.nnFor particularly dry dishes: extraDry.nIf you wish to wash a lot of plastic dishes, select the new Siemens extraDry programme. It uses higher temperatures for the drying process and extends the drying phase. Every plastic item will be dried optimally.nnGentle on top, high pressure below: the intensiveZone.nSelecting the intesiveZone increases the water spraying pressure for very dirty dishes in the lower rack. In the upper rack the programme remains unchanged and delicate dishes are still gently cleaned.nnLifetime warranty against water damage: aquaStop®.nThe aquaStop® safety system prevents water damage of any kind, whether in the supply hose or from a leak in the machine. Siemens warranties this safety for the life of the dishwasher.nnOptimum dishwashing results at the touch of a button: autoProgramme.nAfter the autoProgramme button has been pressed, aquaSensor checks how dirty the water is and controls when and how much clean water is added as well as the dishwashing temperature.nnReleases the full strength of the detergent: dosageAssist.nThe cleaning tablet falls directly into a small catch pan thanks to dosageAssist. A precisely aimed jet of water quickly dissolves it. The detergent is distributed evenly throughout the machine, always guaranteeing optimum cleaning results for you.nnGentle, safe, clean: the glassCare System.nThe glassCare System – consisting of glass protection technology, a special gentle programme, and a heat exchanger – will wash your glassware with the greatest of care.nn- varioSpeed Plus: Reduce program running times by up to 66%n- varioHinge suitable for lower plinth heights, allows the kitchen panel to slide up the appliance door as it’s opened, so it clears the plinthn- More flexibility for more convenient loading with the varioFlex rack & varioDrawern- At the press of a button, the autoProgramme controls the entire dishwashing process for brilliant resultsn- Very efficient dishwashing in energy efficiency class A++

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